Will Amazon stores that were verified last year have to be re-verified?

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Amazon recently officially confirmed the United States 2024 certification, if you miss the window, the account will be deactivated, so I wanna to confirm...

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If a seller has completed the submission of information required by the U.S. Consumer Act in the last year, Amazon will send notices to sellers who need to complete this annual certification over a period of time. Sellers should keep an eye on email notifications to ensure timely verification and avoid account deactivation.

▪️ View email notifications: Sellers can go to the background account health page to see if they have received a "complete your priority action" alert, as well as the relevant authentication notification.

▪️ Seller requirements: All high-volume sellers are certified at least once a year to prove that their information is still correct. High-volume sellers are defined as those who have sold 200 or more new or unused consumer goods in any consecutive 12-month period in the last 24 months, with gross receipts of $5,000 or more.

▪️ Account updates: Non-high-volume sellers do not need to verify again, but all high-volume third-party sellers must update their information in a timely manner and notify Amazon if their information changes. Amazon must verify any updates made.